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Jasmine Plant Care – How To Grow Jasmine Vines

By Bonnie L. Grant The jasmine plant is a source of exotic fragrance in warmer climates. It is an important scent noted in perfumes and has herbal properties. The plants may be vines or bushes and some are evergreen. Most jasmine plants are found in tropical to sub-tropical climates, although a few may thrive in…


The smell of jasmine also lessens feelings of anxiety. No wonder it was so blissful to sit on Grandma’s jasmine-wrapped front porch.

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How to grow Jasmine indoors

This wispy beauty requires a bit of attention to blossom, but the stress-busting powers of Jasmine's sultry-sweet fragrance make up for it. The plant will flower best if placed in a cooler room (ideally 55 F to 65 F) with diffused light. After the blooms emerge, you can bring it back into a warmer temperature and direct sunlight. It is also sensitive to dry air, so keep it away from radiators and other heat sources. Water when top half-inch of potting mix is dry to touch (1-2 times a…

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21 Genius Natural Tricks To Stay Cool This Summer Without AC

20 Natural Tricks To Stay Cool This Summer Without Air Conditioner-Maybe one of the best-kept secrets of the natural living world – growing plants throughout your home is a sure-fire way to drop the air temperature by as much as 10 degrees! Plants such as English ivy, palms, spider plants, Ficus and Pothos are all great choices for growing indoors.


10 plants you can't kill image 10. Star Jasmine The versaitility of Star Jasmine makes it an unkillable winner – ground cover, climber, spreading bush or indoor plant. The fragrant flowers appear in summer. They’re not fussy about soil type or aspect – doing well in sun or shade.

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24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

Looking to bring a bit of nature into your house this year? Try some of our favorite indoor plants, which include African violets, hibiscus, jasmine, kaffir lily, geraniums and begonias. Live flowers and foliage make the best home décor!

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Trasplantar y reproducir jazmines

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