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30+ Inspirational Quotes Which Express Women’s Attitude


The truth shall set u free all u jealous women KEEP CALM I GOTTA GOOD MAN GREAT KIDS N HAPPY LIFE!!! Hold ur jealousy for my wedding day!!!!

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Being strong and knowing who I am is my happiness... The past will always try to break you cause they're weak... But knowing you are where you wanna be is unbreakable!


Anton Rubaclini - "Gossip is the sound of jealously". inspirational-quotes, jealousy, life-lessons, life-philosophy, jealous-women, jealous, gossips, jealous-woman

Nope truly sad how some immature females are just because they are all jealous and obsessed !!!! I feel so sorry for her because she is so miserable that her main objection in life is to try and make everyone else miserable.


A real man gives his woman her place in his life. She will never be jealous of women, Because he will always let her place be known. More