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Jean Dubuffet - Groupe de 4 arbres, epoxy resin with polyurethane paints, H.12 mètres realized in 1972 after a 1970 model. Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York


"Throughout Jean Dubuffet's life, he collected "Outsider Art" i.e., Art by mentally deranged people, vagabonds, street urchins, and prisoners. He found inspiration in the seemingly asymmetric scrawling and the scratching of this kind of unintentional Graffiti and sought to convey that madness in his own Oil and Impasto Works. Most of his works appear as primitive and doodling that is almost too basic...[like] a kindergarten kid."

from Zupi

Art Brut – O que é

1947, Jean Debuffet, Gran maestro del afuera, la desintegración de la psique humana, por los horrores que se vieron en la guerra......


Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) "The Little Kiss" (1943) Sotheby's London / Critics described his style as Art Brut (raw art) due to the rawness and aggression of their expression, in part based on the study of paintings by children or unbalanced people.


Jean Dubuffet, 1979. "Art doesn't go to sleep in the bed made for it. It would sooner run away than say its own name: what it likes is to be incognito. Its best moments are when it forgets what its own name is."