MMM: It’s Jeans for Genes Day on Friday -

5 Oct 2012 | Jeans For Genes Day UK | (Twitter: @JeansforGenes)

This year, even our little ones can join in the Jeans for Genes day fun as the UK charity and Little Punk London to launch a children’s campaign t-shirt

#Jeans for Genes Day - Friday 5th October Ben and Holly zip-pulls

Rachael Finch Jeans For Genes Day 2014 - GCMAG #rachealfinch #jeans #genes #day #life #love #charity

This year’s Jeans for Genes Day takes place on Friday 19th September and is aiming to raise £2 million to provide care and support to children with genetic disorders.

JEANS FOR GENES DAY 'Lego metaphor' Assembly 5-11 Years - Assemblies, PSHE. This fun presentation can be used on and before Jeans for Genes Day and introduces the concept of genes as instructions for our body, calling upon this well-loved toy for inspiration!

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