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Oh that's just the sound of my heart breaking. Mark are you ok? ❤❤

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When it comes to the Dark Side, female Sith and Dark Jedi are often overlooked. However, once you dive a little deeper into the Expanded... Read More

Kreia This blind Jedi master was exiled by the order because Revan was her student, know how much shit Revan caused... Read More

Verdessa - Jedi Covenant

I am with the force and the force is with me Blind Faith:: Chirrut Imwe on Yavin IV a beautiful piece by @venamis

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Obi Wan Kenobi, the first Jedi in a millennium to defeat and kill a Sith lord.

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ArtStation - Jedi Sith Concept Fan Design, Sarayu Ruangvesh

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the sith code - Google Search what I love about both the Jedi and Sith is how the Jedi represent the ultimate loyalty even giving up their families, love, and try to not rely on emotions while the Sith are the ultimate form of freedom

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