Jeff Beck 1974

Engkish guitarist Jeff Beck performing with hard rock supergroup Beck, Bogert & Appice at the Rainbow Theatre, London, January

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Jeff Beck, one of my favourite all time guitarists, favourite songs are Scatterbrain, Hi Ho Silver Lining and a few others.

Jeff Beck Group live at Special outdoor stage in Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Nagano…

Jeff Beck Group live at Special outdoor stage in Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Nagano, July

Jeff Beck, the one guy that doesn't even need a lead singer

Jeff Beck (The Yardbirds, The Jeff Beck Group). Guitarist of the first rank.

More of a complete rig than a pedalboard, and more of a diagram than a picture. But it's, and this is Jeff Beck's 2003 rig.

A detailed gear diagram of Jeff Beck's stage setup that traces the signal flow of the equipment in his 2003 guitar rig.

Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan (Photo: Robert Knight Archive / Getty Images)

He almost recorded an album with Sly Stone, toured with Stevie Ray Vaughan, “pissed Eric Clapton off big time”, and used to get mistaken for Mick Jagger. He& the legendary Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck, saw him at the Mountain Winery and he rocked the house!! Friggin' awesome

Jeff Beck, his guitars, related stuff & advert for the MLP Jeff Beck Social Group

Tal Wilkenfeld. Bass guitar (Jeff Beck)

Tal Wilkenfeld (Australian who left home at 16 to study music in Calafornia. Learned several instruments. Now plays bass for Jeff Beck' s band.

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Jeff Beck's OX blood Les Paul guitar is built with wraparound bridge.

Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page

Former Yardbirds guitarists Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page swap memories