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Jeff Buckley Death

Jeff Buckley, an inspiration that gone to soon


"Half of the art of making records is letting the whole thing go... even your mistakes. The nature of it is excruciating. Or, it's obsessive. Because you're dealing with ultimate things. You know? It's not like a live show where you play it and it just disappears into the air like smoke. It's like painting - sound painting. " - Jeff Buckley


Jeff Buckley Words That Resonate Between 'You And I' - ARTISTdirect Interviews


MSNBC Expose on Jeff Buckley's Life/Death - This clip is part of the Best of Edgewise Music Festival, reported by John Hockenberry in August of 1997, mere months after Buckley's death. The expose is entitled Eternal Grace.--- Commentary can be seen from close friends and those who knew him including: Chris Cornell, Lenny Kaye, Penny Arcade, George Stein and Gary Lucas. At the end of the clip, each person mentioned above reads a lyric from Grace; it's an emotional moment. R.I.P. Jeff Buckley

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Remembering Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You