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The Inscrutable Brilliance of Anne Carson

"every thought starts over, so every expression of a thought has to do the same. every accuracy has to be invented" Anne Carson, from The Inscrutable Brilliance of Anne Carson (New York Times profile by Sam Anderson, March 14, 2013)

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((Will remove this later if I change my mind, but...I'm thinking of altering his career a bit--))

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David Wolf (9 Book Series) by Jeff Carson

Michael Carson # 3


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Doctor Who Poster-Love

The name's K. I am a 31 year old male laying low in a pleasant part of America that doesn't have a winter. This is a collection of images that resonate with me, with a bit of words and so much skin. No rhyme, no reason, because fuck all that. Come walk...

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cutest Dalek

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that kind of woman

I can’t say I’ve ever been intimidated by the subject of a painting before, but these fierce females give me the tongue-tied jitters. Michael Carson, a Minnesota native, doesn’t…

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Jeff Carson- Not On Your Love.......Not on your love, not in this life Could I ever leave, I wouldn't think twice Of letting you go, by now you should know I need you too much Not on your love, no way in this world Could I ever live without you, girl When times get tough, I'm not giving up Not on your love

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Well who knew...I didn't ...Jeff Carson - I Can Only Imagine - YouTube

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#Free 2 July -#Mystery #Thriller Foreign Deceit (David Wolf Book 1) by Jeff Carson, Colorado Sergeant David Wolf's world is wrenched when he receives word his brother has committed suicide in the Alps of Italy. Devastation and resentment over his only sibling's selfish act quickly gives way to a nagging suspicion that he isn't getting the whole truth.

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