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art-vandelayy: “Jemima Kirke with her husband ”

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We recently dropped in on designer Lorraine Kirke (she's the matriarch of a family that includes husband Simon Kirke, the legendary Bad Company drummer, and daughter Jemima Kirke of Girls). Kirke's special talent is creating idiosyncratic mashup worlds wherever she happens to touch down—New York, London, Miami, and Long Island. Even the name of her New York-based clothing line Geminola is a mashup; merging the names of her children, Greg, Jemima, Domino, and Lola.

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Lola Kirke as Jasmine Abernathy. Jasmine Abernathy is Haymitch's adopted daughter. After Haymitch became victor his girlfriend was killed. The girlfriend's sister wasn't targeted. Years later she had a daughter but not long after, her husband died in a mine collapse. The mother lost her life to the grief. Haymitch reluctantly took the child in and grew to love her. He had her train just in case she was picked during a reaping.

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Actress Jemima Kirke (R) and husband Michael Mosberg attend the first annual Village Fete at Pioneer Works on May 4, 2014 in New York City.

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