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Jennifer Aniston Adoption

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Kevin Spacey set to play Winston Churchill

Kevin Spacey


Jennifer Aniston adopted a pit bull puppy last year from the Best Friends Animal Society, who fought to keep Michael Vick’s surviving dogs from being euthanized. She named her Sophie, because it felt like the situation in Sophie’s Choice to choose one and leave so many behind.

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I'm done with men! After three tumultuous marriages Debbie Reynolds says she's had enough

I'm done with men! After three tumultuous marriages Debbie ...


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Jennifer Aniston's new puppy from ARME Rescue

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They Adopted…

Jennifer Aniston is against puppymills and pet stores that sell their puppies. She only ADOPTS.

Jennifer Aniston On Being Ashamed By Some Movies She’s Been A Part Of And Freedom To Choose

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Jennifer Aniston Adopts A New 'Baby'

Jennifer Aniston adopted a pibble mix! <3


Moments in Brad and Angelina's Hollywood romance Irreconcilable differences have brought an end to a Hollywood romance for the ages. Angeline Jolie Pitt filed for divorce from Brad Pitt on Tuesday after 12 years together. A collection of key moments in their relationship. A HOLLYWOOD MEETING (2003) Co-stars falling in love is about as cliched as it gets but it happens even when one party is married. The scene for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" a sexy action comedy…