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Republicans: What About Children Outside the Womb?

I am Pro-Choice, and I 100% agree with this woman. This is mainly the reason that I am pro-choice. People will fight for this unborn fetus, saying that doctors are denying its basic human rights if the mother chooses to abort it. What do they care once the baby is born? Once they have done "God's will" and their hands are wiped clean. They then deny the child what is necessary for life.


A trio of House members enters the mix, but they're seen as underdogs to Jennifer Granholm, Ray Buckley and Jaime Harrison.

Jennifer Granholm Hopeful About Michigan For Hillary Clinton | Morning Joe | MSNBC

We’d Just Like To Say ‘Ditto’ To Everything Jennifer Granholm Says In This Clip | MoveOn.Org...It always gets me how Republican's give these titles to bills that are totally misleading to make us think that they are actually doing their job and representing the American people. It is obvious that they think we are too stupid to look beyond the title and call it what it really is; a bill to insure inequity and poverty for the majority of Americans.


granholm1-550x275 More Surrogates Pushing Obama Second Amendment Attack Mantra. Former MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm: You Don’t Need A Gun, You Have President Obama, “Protector-in-Chief”