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Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Profile of Labour's most left-wing leadership hopeful

Jeremy Corbyn, at the time the newly-elected MP for Islington North, being arrested by police as he supports an anti-apartheid protest in solidarity with the South African people, London, England, United Kingdom, photograph by Rob Scott.

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Rog On The Left on

If you're claiming Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, you might have to think about who would find him so. In May 2015, a lot of people didn't think Ed Miliband was electable so they voted Green, voted UKIP, voted SNP if they were in Scotland, or didn't vote at all. In the end, 1/3 of those eligible didn't vote & Cameron now has a majority of 10. I reckon a swing to a Corbyn-led Labour Party isn't so unlikely, especially now that Labour have won the Oldham West by-election with such a large…

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Jeremy Corbyn badge

Maybe we should start making our own Jeremy Corbyn badges! Jeremy Corbyn badge by DorkDisco on Etsy.

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Jeremy Corbyn: ‘We are not doing celebrity, personality or abusive politics – this is about hope’

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Jeremy Corbyn for PM on

@jeremycorbyn's politics aren't about courting the tabloids, but about doing what is right. RT if you agree #JezWeCan

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Bridget Christie: I’m having my Jeremy Corbyn moment. Have you had yours?

Bridget Christie: I’m having my Jeremy Corbyn moment. Have you had yours? | Politics | The Guardian

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The amazing Maxine Peake backs Jeremy Corbyn, "the only beacon of hope to get Labour back on track" #JezWeCan