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Jermaine Adventure Time

EAT IT! IT’S TIME FOR A SHAMEFUL PLUG! REBLOG THIS THING!?!?!?!?! Here’s a thing I made for WeLoveFine’s Adventure Time T-shirt contest. The idea is it’s Finn and Jake, but everyone else is also Jake. Oh, and you can go EAT IT! People in this thing: Magic Man, Lady Rainicorn, NEPTR, BMO, Jermaine, Ice King, Gunther, Margaret, Joshua, Finn, Flame Princess, Marceline, Poo Brain Horse, LSP, the Snail, Jake, Phil Rynda, Lemongrab, Princess Cookie, Treetrunks, the Pig, Pepp

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好色龍的歐美動畫翻譯: [美式卡通翻譯] Adventure Time - S06E33 - Jermaine

Brandon Graham and Jesse Moynihan’s “Jermaine” premieres tonight on the Peabody-Award-winning Adventure Time at 7:30/6:30c.Brandon designed the title card; Nick Jennings painted it.

Adventure Time - Joshua & Jake's Brother, Jermaine

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