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Jerry Lewis Death

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - Dean's early years in showbiz. A career that would end only with his death on December 25 1995.


"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" is from a cable sent by Mark Twain from London to the press in the United States after his obituary had been mistakenly published. hawaii five 0. chin ho kelly. kono kalakaua. jerry ortega. 5.15.


Chad Everett (June 11, 1936 – July 24, 2012) was an American actor who appeared in over 40 films and television series but was probably best known for his role as Dr. Joe Gannon in the 1970s television drama Medical Center. For many years Everett was a co-host of the Labor Day Jerry Lewis Telethon which raises money and awareness for and about the affliction of muscular dystrophy,