their only desire in the whole world is to be with their precious mothers. nothing more nothing less..... Cute!!

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Brown Cow, Stratford Ecological Center, Ohio | Tracie Conner via Flickr

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Each Jersey produces about 40 pounds of milk per day, or about 5 gallons. They produce more pounds of milk per pound of body weight than any other breed, about 13 times their bodyweight in milk each lactation. Jersey milk is the richest milk, higher in calcium, protein, butterfat, and nonfat milk solids. It is used in the production of cheese because its butterfat is far superior than other dairy cattle. Jersey milk is creamy rich and makes the best ice cream and the best lattes ever!

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This is a beautiful miniature Jersey cow. This is on my Christmas wishlist :)

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I love goat's milk cheese, but I don't love goat's milk. Is this the charm? Miniature Jerseys for small farms give 2-3 gallons per day of rich milk.

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Jersey Cow's..reminds me of life on the farm! I'm sure it reminds @Anita Snell of her milking days :)

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