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This is very interesting in the format of a family tree. Certainly not a family tree full of boring characters!


The Military Order of Knights Templar, hooked x represents Mary Magdalene and Jesus' bloodline of a child born between them.


Bloodline of the Holy Grail - Jesus and Mary Magdalene - Sangreal


What Jesus' Family Tree Tells Me about Sexuality: The women in Jesus' bloodline had personal stories about sexual intimacy. What can we learn from them?


Shugborough inscription: Speculation grew that the inscription may encode secrets related to the Priory of Sion,[6] or the location of the Holy Grail. As part of the Shugborough promotion, individuals who had worked as code breakers  pursued this line of investigation. Lawn proposed that the letters may encode the phrase Jesus H Defy, where the H supposedly stands for "Christos" (Greek for "Messiah") and the reference is to a Jesus bloodline which descends Jesus and was preserved by the…


Day 2 of @illustratedfaith #listsbyfaith Favorite Women in the Bible. Mine in no particular order.... Hannah-she made a vow after cring out to the LORD for a baby. Rachel-the love story in whom romance n tragedy were blended (she was cruelly deceived and deeply LOVED). Mary Magdalene was loyal until the very end. Rahab-was a sinful woman purged by God and had her share in Jesus bloodline --GOD WILL USE YOU NO MATTER WHAT. Mary-the woman honored above all woman was willing to yeild her body…

♀ I BEE Naturally Feelin’ like A SIRIUS Black Cain & Abel [CA = Christ] Energy… ‘cause My Old New School Black Ecclesiastical Energy [BEE = Biblical] Bloodline Intel… BEE Spiritually Reenergizing My INNER Holy Spirits [Souls] of Dual Gold & Black Gamma Energies [G.E.] that BEE So ORION… My INNER Constellation Nebula [Cosmic MELanin] BEE Magnifying My INNER Mental of Parallax Black Earth Intelligences… ‘cause I BEE Naturally… Astrally Traveling… ALL UP IN:side Celestial Atlantis [CA] ♀


Jesus - I speak life I have my own favor healed now everyone is kind to me and has peace with me for now on.Luis Larry Deanna no one can't have my power favor joy annoiting prosperity for themselves now. My bloodline my parents Mom Dad Richard can have my breakthrough of broken ground blessings but I get it all first in my life now Jesus name amen � Posted at: #pray #prayer #request #prayerrequest