Hey! pretty neat to find biola's old iconic sign on a regular pin on pinterest!

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My faith is my foundation. I only found God a little more than a year ago, but even in that short time I have made leaps and bounds with His guidance. In my faith I will find my purpose, and although I strive for mastery, I know that I will never reach it. God is greater than I, and I will never be able to know Him fully in my time here. But I know He wants me to never stop trying.

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You will never go so far that God can not redeem and save you. Jesus rejoices more over a lost lamb being saved by Him even more than one who is righteous. In the parable of the lost sheep, Jesus is telling us that we can't go anywhere where He can't find and pursue us. In Romans 8 we learn that we can't be separated from His love!

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Two very important words have been omitted here. Mark 2:17(b) actually says: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners, TO REPENTANCE.

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Jesus I would rather they compare me to you. Crucify me next to thieves Im still…

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Jesus saved me ~I am Born Again ~ I Love the Bible, the Word of God, and Jesus Christ the Living Word.

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