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Jim Caviezel

"My faith doesn't go over real well in Hollywood." -- Jim Caviezel

Jim CaviezelYou don't need to take off your shirt, or tattoo or muscles you r have what it takes . The "IT".

Jim Caviezel - Inspirational video. Truly amazing man and video. Every second of this is worth watching.

Jim Caviezel ... my new "Person Of Interest"!

article: Actor James Caviezel says, if it weren’t for Medjugorje, he would have never played Christ in “The Passion”

Jim Caviezel Booted and leather jacket...phowar Never goes out of style...manly man.

Jim Caviezel . . . great actor . . . gorgeous, too . . . Count of Monte Cristo . . . Passion of the Christ . . . Frequency . . . Angel Eyes . . . Bobby Jones, Stroke if Genius . . . among others . . . now on "Person of Interest" on CBS . . . love him . . . :-)

Jim Caviezel - wore brown contacts when he played Jesus in Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ".

jim caviezel

James Caviezel, James Caviezel filming on the set of the new TV show 'Person of Interest'

a beard like Jim Caviezel's, never more than 1mm, just enough to give that rough, manly feeling

Finch: "I'm extremely uncomfortable being here." Reese: "I'm extremely uncomfortable having you here. But I need a spotter."

Jim Caviezel, actor. Click through to read about his take on his new film, WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL.

The Passion of the Christ (2004) Starring Jim Caviezel as Christ. A film detailing the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Jim Caviezel... he might've played jesus but i still find him super attractive

Jim Caviezel in February 2013 Men's Fitness Magazine -THUD ALERT | Person of Interest Discussion Forum

Jim Caviezel ❤ www.healthyliving...

Jim Caviezel No Man Crush w/all the pics but Dude puts together an outfit maybe it gets shot up later but......

jim caviezel - I love that he is pro-life!

Amen!! www.christianfilm...

You don't have to run after me so fast - for you, I'll slow down, believe me! ;-)

Jim Caviezel. Ummmm... sexiest man alive.

Jim Caviezel // Great man of faith. Was shunned by Hollywood for years after playing Jesus in "The Passion of The Christ". He deserved an Oscar, but all the lap dogs in the "entertainment" industry can't stand an honest man, and especially a man of faith. The movie didn't get one word said about it, and it was the best made movie of the year!

Jim Caviezel

Person of Interest. Jim Caviezel. Love that show and dear god I love him.