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    Jim Caviezel

    aznpursuazn: Jim as John Reese BTS for S1, the beginning SE101, The Pilot and the end SE123, Firewall (bottom pic credit to RoyalFlush Pho...

    Nothing against Russell Crowe but it would have been awesome if Jim Caviezel had been cast as Jor-El in the upcoming Superman movie.

    Jim Caviezel. Ummmm... sexiest man alive.

    Jim Caviezel-- I don't even care that he's twice my age. He's hot and Catholic!

    With a more typical Jake expression (Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest)

    Jim Caviezel

    Jim CaviezelYou don't need to take off your shirt, or tattoo or muscles you r have what it takes . The "IT".

    Favorite Actor - Jim Caviezel (Frequency, Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion, & now Person of Interest)

    I don't think this man knows how handsome he is!

    Jim Caviezel- amazing portrayal of Jesus in the "Passion" and a loveable, mysterious hero on "Person of Interest"

    jim caviezel - long weekend

    Jim Caviezel. Especially dressed in a sharp suit like his character in Person of Interest. Yum.

    Jim Caviezel on Twitter: "@diane2u2010 thank you diane love you myfriend my sweet angel thanks";

    john reese

    Jim Caviezel

    James Cavizel .. need I say more ?

    Jim Caviezel (1968) Caviezel is best known for his roles in The Passion of the Christ, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genuis, Frequency, The Count of Monte Cristo, Angel Eyes, Deja Vu, and The Thin Red Line. Caviezel has been married to Kerri Browitt and has 2 children.

    Finch: "I'm extremely uncomfortable being here." Reese: "I'm extremely uncomfortable having you here. But I need a spotter."

    you say perfection isn't possible ? for me jim states that it is. He doesn't only look great, he is also very kind and inspirational.

    jim caviezel 2013 gif

    Jim Caviezel

    Jim Caviezel Photos

    Jim Caviezel . . . great actor . . . gorgeous, too . . . Count of Monte Cristo . . . Passion of the Christ . . . Frequency . . . Angel Eyes . . . Bobby Jones, Stroke if Genius . . . among others . . . now on "Person of Interest" on CBS . . . love him . . . :-)

    Jim Caviezel CCSD 2013 WB Party

    Person of Interest