Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel - Inspirational video. Truly amazing man and video. Every second of this is worth watching.

Jim Caviezel. Especially dressed in a sharp suit like his character in Person of Interest. Yum.

article: Actor James Caviezel says, if it weren’t for Medjugorje, he would have never played Christ in “The Passion”

Jim CaviezelYou don't need to take off your shirt, or tattoo or muscles you r have what it takes . The "IT".

Jim Caviezel ... my new "Person Of Interest"!

Jim Caviezel. Ummmm... sexiest man alive.

Jim Caviezel- amazing portrayal of Jesus in the "Passion" and a loveable, mysterious hero on "Person of Interest"

jim caviezel

Jim Caviezel Booted and leather jacket...phowar Never goes out of style...manly man.

a beard like Jim Caviezel's, never more than 1mm, just enough to give that rough, manly feeling

Jim Caviezel in February 2013 Men's Fitness Magazine -THUD ALERT | Person of Interest Discussion Forum

Jim+Caviezel+Accident | James Caviezel injured in motorcycle accident

Still of Jim Caviezel in The Thin Red Line

All I can think of is.... Ooooh Sexy Jesus!

Jim Caviezel . . . great actor . . . gorgeous, too . . . Count of Monte Cristo . . . Passion of the Christ . . . Frequency . . . Angel Eyes . . . Bobby Jones, Stroke if Genius . . . among others . . . now on "Person of Interest" on CBS . . . love him . . . :-)

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This is a fabulous interview with Jim Caviezel on his faith in Christ and doing the part as a believer of the Lord...watch this interview, it really makes you think about your own humanity and His (Jesus) divine ability to go tot he Cross of Calvary for each one of our lost state in our sin condition.

Favorite Actor - Jim Caviezel (Frequency, Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion, & now Person of Interest)

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Jim Caviezel sings with rock band Chicago at NY Concert - Aug. 18, 2012

Jim Caviezel-- I don't even care that he's twice my age. He's hot and Catholic!

My current 44-year-old "person of interest," Jesus Christ. I mean Jim Caviezel.

Jim Caviezel, actor. Click through to read about his take on his new film, WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL.

The Passion of the Christ (2004) Starring Jim Caviezel as Christ. A film detailing the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.