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Jim Messina Musician

Jim Messina, songwriter/singer/producer/recording engineer turns 67 today - he was born 12-5 in 1947. He was a member of Buffalo Springfield, co-founder of Poco and part of the 70s duo Loggins and Messina. Jimmy lives today on a beautiful ranch not too far from where Michael Jackson's Neverland was. Happy b'day Jimmy!


Kenny Loggins (left) & Jim Messina - strong songwriting vocal duo from the '70s. Jim had a great pedigree as a member of Buffalo Springfield and co-founder of Poco. Kenny went on to a successful solo career.

Country rock musician, performer, songwriter and singer Jim Messina continues as a successful solo artist years after his work with Buffalo Springfield, Poco and Loggins and Messina. Description from I searched for this on

LOGGINS & MESSINA The music of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina was and is a big part of my life. Will never get tired of the music.


Loggins and Messina -- The band recorded together from 1971-1976, but in 2005 they got back together to tour. Loggins did many songs for movies in between.