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I saw this Jimmy Johns delivery car dressed up as a cop so he could pass people easier #Followme #CooliPhone6Case on #Twitter #Facebook #Google #Instagram #LinkedIn #Blogger #Tumblr #Youtube

Thank you Jimmy Johns for being the only delivery place near my apartment. Italian Night Club in a lettuce wrap! ## I have a pork shoulder defrosting right now. I'm trying to decide between putting it into my crockpot tonight or before I go to work tomorrow. ## Do you leave your crockpot on when you leave the house??


JACKSONVILLE -- A Jimmy Johns delivery person was caught on camera  hopping on a moving train to get to the other side to make his delivery "freaky fast," as the commercials say. (March 2016)

Only-in-America-Hetalia---America orders pizza,then Tony shoots England with his ray gun or what ever it is,but the pizza get there before the ambulance...