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What should you read next? Our Collection Development staff has some suggestions. Highlights include a great picture book about first day jitters a teen fiction story about a young man who befriends his lost loves ex-boyfriend and questions the meaning of life and love and the history of fraud from P. T. Barnum to Bernie Madoff. #lacountylibrary #lacounty #library #reading #books

Jimjams - Slang. extreme nervousness; jitters. Origin: Jimjams is a gradational compound based on the word jam meaning "to press, squeeze, or fill tightly." The sense “nervous jitters” entered English in the 1800s.

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Lemon Jitters: DIY: Patterned Heart Tights. I could totally make kitty tights with the cat hole punch I have.

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Mess For Less: Story Box with Free Printables - Exploring Language Skills to Get Ready for K Through Play

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omg how cool is this!!! still have not seen each other just wanted to say 'i love you before the big moment! i want this to happen!!!

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No jitter: our premium blend of Arabica, lion's mane and chaga only contain 40mg of caffeine per serving, meaning more natural energy, no shakes or jitters and no stomach burns * Powerful antioxidants: using all-natural ingredients we've been able to create a trifecta of healthy organics that produce antioxidants that are good for you, it also boosts your immune system * All-natural superfood: mushroom coffee is made from a premium blend of dual-extracted medicinal chaga, lion's mane…

FREE fish templates. I used a fish pattern because the word "school" has a double meaning. :-)

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jitterbug dance contest, San Francisco. The jitterbug dance was very popular in the late 1930's. It had people going crazy! The jitterbug is a kind of dance popularized in the United States in the early twentieth century and is associated with various types of swing dances such as the Lindy Hop, jive, and East Coast Swing.

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