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Don't allow them Access to your Office.

IM LAUGHING TO DEATH! :'D I wonder whether someone actually said this to their boss! :^)

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A few great pointers to remember when looking for a new job (28 Photos)

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At a job interview: "What are your strengths?" "I'm an optimist and a positive thinker." "Can you give me an example?" "Yes, when do I start?"

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*at a job interview* Interviewer: What would you say is a weakness of yours? Me: Being so lazy that I do everything correctly the first time so that I don't have to do it again. I got the job

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Funniest Trump Transition Memes: My Next Job Interview

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Interviewer: "What did you like best about your last job?" Me: "Sometimes, people had birthdays and there was free cake."

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