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I love Bill Nye's face. That's how you have to look at stupid people. Joe Barton, Texas Representative Since 1985


These are our elected legislators who make decisions that could potentially affect the country for decades after they're gone. (Well, not Neil... we'd be in MUCH better shape if HE were in congress!)


Cure Flare-Ups: Gout Remedy Report by Joe Barton

The Most Ridiculous Statement Ever

I pick on mr. Bye because he seems to be everyone's go to guy on issues that use pseudo science. What ever gave him the idea that politicians were smart to begin with? It's like pulling on a rope that's attached to your own dick.


Cure Flare-Ups: Gout Remedy Report by Joe Barton

GOP Rep. Wants To Abolish Minimum Wage

President Barack Obama's call to raise the minimum wage has long been met with resistance from congressional Republicans, but Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) took things a step further by suggesting the minimum wage be done away with entirely. "I think it's outlived its usefulness," Barton told National Journal in a story published Thursday.

Joe Barton's Democratic Opponent has already done the impossible. Finding solutions is his business##


“I can get really angry about it”: Meet the Dem taking on Joe Barton and his own party

Democrat hoping to unseat Big Oil's favorite Republican on how he's fighting, despite opposition from Dems in D.C.

The Gout Remedy Report is really a product that supplies a natural treatment for gout written by Joe Barton, alternative medical researcher.


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