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Lily-Rose Depp, Adam Driver and More Actors at Cannes Film Festival

Joel Edgerton Talks Race and "Loving" at Cannes Film Festival-Wmag

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Community Post: 21 Times Joel Edgerton Was There For Us

When he gave us a longing, faraway gaze, and we felt wanted. | 21 Times Joel Edgerton Was There For Us


“He’s such a talented actor, but he also so quickly humanises a character and in this case - an event. There’s so much information on his face - a kind of sturdy authority - that he gives you a tremendous amount of confidence." – "Zero Dark Thirty” director Kathryn Bigelow discussing Joel Edgerton

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GMA: Joel Edgerton The Great Gatsby Review & Playing Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan the biggest jerk in the entire book but also the perfect character foil to Gatsby not only is Tom opposite(before he went to war) of Gatsby but actually forces Gatsby to changes his morals and values to try and win Daisy's love. He is the symbol that how Old money was considered in the roaring 20s to be more powerful snd elite VS New money.

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Joel Edgerton ROCKS! on

Joel Edgerton - "I want to love someone that I actually like." (if I messed up a word in there, sue me, it's the internet. :p Regardless, good quote, and surprisingly - important to remember)