Over the last six months or so, I have been asked many times (and encouraged many more times) to write a book. To turn the stories in this blog I write into a book of some sort. I have never really responded to any of the questions before, but the truth is… I am writing a book. It is almost finished actually. But it isn’t filled with blogs that I have written about my wife’s last few months or the posts I wrote about our life for the two years before that, it is a book that covers…

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Joey and Rory Feek: Their Touching Love Story | "PERFECT LOVE" | In November 2015, Joey began hospice care at their home, and it was baby Indiana who helped make the transition easier. "The last couple of mornings, I've brought Indiana up here to spend time with her mama. Both of their eyes light up the moment they see each other. It's been beautiful," Rory wrote, revealing that seeing his wife and daughter spend quality time together was just as moving for him as it was for Joey…

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