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need to remember this... like... always. I look back at many things and see God working when I did not notice him at the time. and i'm sure years from now i'll look back at today and say "ahhhh, you were there God" and "hmm, that's why that happened" and hopefully it'll all make sense and I'll rejoice for God being a great father and taking care of me even when I fought his embrace


*** JOHN 13:7 (KJV ) *** *** Jesus answered and said unto him, .... *** What I do thou knowest not now; ....but.... *** thou shalt know hereafter.

from Jennifer Dukes Lee

when you're in desperate need for God to come through

In times when I simply don’t understand, I remember these words from Jesus. “You don’t understand what I’m doing now, but someday you will” (John 13:7).