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President and Mrs. Kennedy with President and Mrs. John Diefenbaker. President and Mrs. John Kennedy; Prime Minister and Mrs. John Diefenbaker stand during playing of the National Anthem, shortly following the Chief Executive's arrival here May 16. In the back is Group Captain C.H. Mussells

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Neaustadt, Ontario

John George Diefenbaker was born in Neustadt, Ontario on September 18, 1895. At 14 he worked at a train station selling news papers in Saskatoon. He married Edna Brower in 1929; she died in 1951. Remarried to Olive Palmer in 1953 ( 1 step- daughter ) Excellent reputation as a lawyer. Presented himself to the Parliament in 1925. Lost several elections 1926, 1929, 1938. He got a seat in the Parliament, in 1940. 13th prime minister June 21,1957 to April 22,1963.

June 21 – John Diefenbaker becomes the 13th Prime Minister of Canada.

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"We had lunch at Diefenbaker’s house and he insisted on telling all these Churchill stories in accent and calling him “old Winston” or “the old boy” or something." - Jacqueline Kennedy on John Diefenbaker during the first couple’s official visit to Canada in May 1961. (The Camelot Kennedy Built)

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I am Canadian. John Diefenbaker~~ John Diefenbaker described the day of her (Queen Victoria) death in his memoirs: “When Queen Victoria died, Father regarded it as one of the most calamitous events of all time. Would the world ever be the same? I can see him now. When he came home to tell us the news, he broke down and cried.”

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1961. 17 Mai. President John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy with Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and Mrs. Diefenbaker at 24 Sussex

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Canada PM John Diefenbaker Milk Glass Mug Federated Political Cartoon 1971 37.99

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John Diefenbaker speaking at the UN.