John Travolta plastic surgery might too much but he seems got so much benefit from it. Not every female celeb that falls into plastic surgery trap. Some male celebs seems addicted to plastic surgery too.

John Travolta has undoubtedly chosen some weird hairpieces in his time. Description from I searched for this on

Here's a better option. | For Everyone Who Believes John Travolta Needs A New Wig. HAHAHA i love this

Adult Mens Rubber ELVIS Presley Black Wig John Travolta Halloween Costume Ac NEW

Hollywood Stars Sometimes Wear Wigs Do you know that some celebrities wear wigs? Beyonce, Robert Pattinson, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, John Travolta are often seen on stage with wigs.

John Travolta's transformation into Edna Turnblad, a character originally played by Devine, included a fat suit, wig, plenty of makeup, as well as having to get used to being treated differently.

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If I Hadn't Seen It On The Internet, I Wouldn't Have Believed It Was True, Here Are 14 Celebs That Proudly Wear Wigs

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