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Japanese clay doll from Jomon era (145 B.C.)

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Women Shamans "DOGU" which were discovered in remains of Aomori. Jomon-era. BC.3,500 - BC.2,500. Aomori Japan. talisman

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Photo shows example of Jomon era clay figurine inside the Sanmaru Museum, which is located next to the Sannai-Maruyama, a large settlement of the early to middle Jomon era, about 5,500 to 4,000 years ago, in Aomori Prefecture, Japan on 12 July 2011..Photographer: Robert Gilhooly

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bone figurine. Jomon-era. BC.2,500 - BC.1,200. Hokkaido Japan.

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x x x ~ 'Jomon-era. earthen pot. BC4,500. Morioka Iwate Japan.'

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Gangu (The figure that was made with a stone). Jomon-era. Aomori Japan. BC.1,200 - BC.800.

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Japanese clay vessel made in Jyomon era (BC 145~3000), Japan

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dogu which is flat like a board. Jomon-era. Iwate Japan. BC.1,200 - BC.800.

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Sea animal? Japanese ceramic figurine. Jomon-era. Hokkaido Japan. BC.1,200 - BC.800.

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