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A disturbing video surfaced today featuring a gun-toting anti-government extremist ready to take up arms against the United States - and it came from Iowa

from The Huffington Post

Secret McConnell Recording Shows Need for Money in Politics Reform

In the audio recording, Sen. McConnell says everything that the Koch brothers want to hear. At the beginning of his remarks, he gushes to the brothers: "I don't know where we'd be without you."


Joni Ernst has been bragging about being a combat veteran, but as many things are in the GOP, her claims are nothing more than a combination of half truths.

from Salon

Joni Ernst’s family received nearly half a million dollars in federal farm subsidies

The yoke of fundamentalism is loosening. New data reveal Americans are turning away from religion in record numbers, and it is about time!


Two Senators, Joni Ernst and Elizabeth Warren, grew up very poor. However, Ernst's family has received copious amounts of federal dollars, while Elizabeth Warren's never took a dime. How then can E...