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Joseph Brant

A 1776 portrait of Joseph Brant by leading court painter George Romney. - Born Thayendanegea, March 1743, Ohio Country somewhere along the Cuyahoga River. Died November 24, 1807 (aged 64) present day Burlington, Ontario. Nationality: Mohawk. Religion: Anglican. Children: John Brant. Relatives: Molly Brant, William Johnson. Wikipedia


Joseph Brant, painted in London by Gilbert Stuart in 1786. - Thayendanegea alias Joseph Brant (1742 - Burlington 1807) était un chef de guerre des amérindiens Mohawk qui a combattu la France puis les États-Unis d’Amérique durant leur guerre d’indépendance. ... Il va à l’école dans le Connecticut et visite l’Angleterre. ll est l'une des quatorze personnalités commémorées par le Monument aux Valeureux à Ottawa (Ontario). Il était franc-maçon. Wikipedia


The American Revolution - (Joseph Brant) Brant spoke at least three and possibly all of the Six Nations' languages. From 1766 on he was a translator for the British Indian Department. In 1775, he was appointed departmental secretary with the rank of Captain for the new British Superintendent's Indian warriors from Canajoharie. They went to Canada, arriving in Montreal on July 17.


Mohawk Indian Chiefs | Mohawk Indian Chief Joseph Brant - BE037308 - Rights Managed - Stock ...


Joseph Brant or Thayendanegea, meaning “Bound Together by Strength”, was a…

Mohawk (borrowed from the Narraganset 'mohowaùuck', 'they eat (animate) things,' hence 'man-eaters'[1]) are the most easterly tribe of the Iroquois confederation. They call themselves Kanien'gehaga, people of the place of the flint.