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from Berry

Afternoon Eye Candy: Brunette Hotties (34 photos)

"He was wearing that look she found so odd and compelling-that amusement that didn't seem to pass beyond the surface of his features, as if he found everything in the world both infinitely funny and infinitely tragic all at the same time."


You see Cole wandering around an abandoned part of the city, and recognize him as an enemy agent. He has a large gash on his head along with other cuts and bruises, and his arm appears to be broken. Will you treat him like the enemy or try to help him? (You can decide whether you're a rebel or government agent or whatever you want.)

from Wattpad

Una razón para amarlo - Parte 2

I walked down the street towards the bridge near the harbor. I walked faster the farther away from my house, preparing myself to jump. And if I didn't make it, it wouldn't matter because I'd have to run through the street to get to the bridge, so one way or the other I was bound to get killed. I wasn't paying attention to the guy on his phone on the side walk as I made a bee line for the street. He stepped forward, looking down when I ran into him.