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Joshua Chamberlain (September 8, 1828 - February 24, 1914), American college Professor from the State of Maine who volunteered during the Civil War to join the Union Army, reaching the rank of Brigadier General. For his gallantry at Gettysburg, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.


Joshua Chamberlain. He definitely got better looking when he went into the service and lost the glasses. Poor guy suffered horribly from his wounds for the rest of his life.


It was the 2nd day at Gettysburg. A Confederate assault against the left of the Union line put the Rebels on the verge of capturing a strategic, undefended, high wooded hill called Little Round Top. If captured, it could mean destruction of the Federal line, loss of the battle – and maybe even the war. Four regiments of Union troops were rushed to the summit. One was Col. Joshua Chamberlain's 20th Maine. He led his men up the rugged hill with orders to hold their position “at all hazards."