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Joyce Manor by julia.leiby on Flickr.

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Jack Kerouac & Joyce Johnson NYC 1958

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Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor

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fuckyeahkerouac: Jack Kerouac in Greenwich Village, October 1958. By Jerry Yulsam.

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Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor

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Elise Cowen and Allen Ginsberg Born to a middle class Jewish family in Washington Heights, New York, Elise Cowen wrote poetry from a young age, influenced by the works of Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Dylan Thomas. While attending Barnard College in the early 1950s, she became friends with Joyce Johnson (at the time, Joyce Glassman). It was during this period that she was introduced to Ginsberg by philosophy professor Donald Cook. The two discovered a mutual acquaintance in…

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Will you just marry me? Gosh! Barry Johnson from Joyce manor.

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Joyce Johnson, Kerouac’s lover for a time, was working on her first novel, Come and Join the Dance (Atheneum, 1962) when she met him. Her vivid and insightful memoir, Minor Characters (Houghton & Mifflin, 1983) depicts Beat generation life in full color. She describes the decisions she and her peers made at the time this way: “We were very young and we were in over our heads. But we knew we had done something brave, practically historic. We were the ones who dared to leave home.”

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The Three Golliwogs by Enid Blyton. Illustrated by Joyce A Johnson

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