It is a collection of code snippets for web programmers, including code for Asp.Net, Sql Server,c,c++,c#,, Ajax, JavaScript, jquery, wcf services, web services, LINQ,xml, interview questions answers and more!

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ajax jquery post example with php

jQuery Autocomplete Mutiple Fields Using jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL... Demo : Tutorial :

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jQuery AJAX JSON example in to validate and insert data into sql server database without postback

This video tutorial explains how to perform a jQuery AJAX request and fetch data from server using php mysql. Find source code: Learn how to: 1. create a database and a database table using PhpMyAdmin and insert sample data. 2. send AJAX request to server. 3. Fetch data from database using php mysqli library. 4. Receive and parse JSON data on client side and display to user.

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