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Jquery Remove Html

Just another #jQuery plugin which allows to dynamically generate / remove repeatable input fields by clicking on the 'add' / 'remove' buttons.

from Slate Magazine

A Photographer’s Magical Vision of Paradise

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On 10th Anniversary of jQuery, jQuery 3.0 Beta Released

Celebrating 10th anniversary,  popular JavaScript library jQuery has gone into a beta release stage with jQuery 3.0 version on 14th January 2016. Among key features in version 3.0 is an updating of .data() implementation to more closely match the HTML5 dataset specification. “All keys are now converted from kebab-case to camelCase, regardless of access method, and digits no longer participate in the conversion,” said jQuery Core team member Timmy Willison in a blog post. JQuery.Deferred…

from Vivian Nguyen

How to Remove jQuery & Mootool Conflict on Joomla sites

How to Remove jQuery & Mootool Conflict on Joomla sites #joomla #jquery #mootools #conflict

You might not need jQuery and UJS. Here's one easy way to remove them from Rails.