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MxSlider is a #jQuery #slider plugin used for generating a responsive image carousel / slider that allows to switch between images with a fixed parallax effect just like stacked cards.

easyLoop is a simple, flexible and highly customizable #jQuery #slider plugin that you're able to present any content in an automatic, horizontal or vertical #carousel interface

All In One Slider Responsive Jquery Slider Plugin -

slider.js is a #jQuery #slider plugin used to generated a responsive, dynamic, endless-looping #carousel slider from mixed content defined in the JSON objects.

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Freebie: Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin Flexslider

When it comes to responsive design, it’s not just about fluid images or adaptive layouts. It’s also about the responsive methodology behind the entire design process. In responsive design, we are creating responsive experiences, meaning that all design components need to be able to adapt to the environment in which they are displayed and have to interact with. This is why we create tables, navigation menus, videos and other design elements responsive as well (see Responsive Web Design…


Sequence is the jQuery slider plugin with infinite style. It provides the complete functionality for a website slider without forcing you to use a set theme. In fact, Sequence has no in-built theme, leaving you complete creative control to build a unique slider using only CSS3 -- no jQuery knowledge required!