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Judicial Branch

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Judicial Branch Interactive Notebook

The Judicial Branch Interactive Notebook includes 8 different interactive activities to help students organize information and an answer key to use as a guide for each graphic organizer!

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Judicial Branch – Where Would the Case Go? Scenario Review Game (Civics)

Judicial Branch – Where Would the Case Go? Scenario Review Game (Civics) This is a fun and interactive way to test your student’s knowledge about the United States Court System. Students can work individually or in groups to figure out what court would here the case in the scenarios. Follow the link to see my other products related to the Judicial Branch THE JUDICAL BRANCH

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Judicial Branch Simulation: "No Vehicles on the Sidewalk"

"The Judicial Branch interprets the law." When I say this to my students for the first time, they all have the same blank look on their faces. My students always benefit from a simulation of what it means to "interpret a law." After completing this activity, they have a firm grasp on the importance of interpreting laws and the difficult decisions made by members of the Judicial Branch.

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3 Branches of Government Jeopardy

This a Jeopardy game set in PowerPoint. The categories are: Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Bill of Rights, and Other. The...


After learning about the constitution and the three branches of government, I enjoy having my students do this to learn more about the judicial branch.


A short documentary made by C-SPAN on the history, meaning, & provisions of the U.S. Constitution, as well as the operation of government w/in the parameters set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Video footage highlights the operation of the legislative, executive & judicial branches of government by providing footage of several recent events & activities. This pin didn't work right for some reason, so click here for the video…

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The Judicial Branch Scavenger Hunt (civics)

The Judicial Branch Scavenger Hunt This fun, interactive activity will test your students’ knowledge about the American Judicial Branch. Students will work with a partner to answer 18 questions related to the U.S. court system. The first team to complete all the answers correctly wins!