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The Simplest Government Lesson You’ll Ever Teach (Ashleigh's Education Journey)

Have you ever had a moment when every single students’ eyes were completely glazed over, and you were pretty sure no one actually heard what you were saying? That was me on Thursday. I was seven days


Judicial Branch – Where Would the Case Go? Scenario Review Game (Civics)

Judicial Branch – Where Would the Case Go? Scenario Review Game (Civics) This is a fun and interactive way to test your student’s knowledge about the United States Court System. Students can work individually or in groups to figure out what court would here the case in the scenarios. Follow the link to see my other products related to the Judicial Branch THE JUDICAL BRANCH


'I Have, Who Has?' Government Game

"I Have, Who Has?" Government Game 36 cards for students to play "I have, Who Has?" on terms relating to American Government. American Government terms and concepts include: Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch Roles of the Branches Senate and House of Representatives Number in Senate and house Constitution Tax Amendment Bill of Rights Defining the Bill of Rights Democracy Checks and balances Veto Jury Cabinet Bill Citizen Appoint Justices Impeach Government


3 Branches of Government PPT Review Game

This game reviews basic information about the 3 branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Students are give a clue about one of the three branches and they must decided which branch it is. There are 21 questions and you just click on each question to go to it. The question disappears after you've clicked on it so you know you've answered it. There is a type-in scoreboard. The scoreboard can be typed in during Slideshow Mode. ou can have up to 4 teams.


Judicial Review Reading (Civics/American Government)

Judicial Review Reading (Civics/American Government) This 2-page reading reviews the concept of “Judicial Review”. Outlines the definition, origin and examples of Judicial Review in important Supreme Court cases.


Supreme Court Simulation – Should Woman Be Drafted? (Judicial Review)

upreme Court Simulation – Should Woman Be Drafted? (Judicial Review) This is an engaging activity to have your secondary Civics or American Government class participate in. Students will pretend they are justices on the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of the Military Selective Service Act outlined in the case Rostker vs. Goldberg. Students will be able to understand the power of judicial review of the Supreme Court. A power point presentation, link to film clip,


Reader's Theater: Branches of Government (intermediate grades)

Students will bring the 3 branches of our government to life in this whole class script of We the People! The fast moving script reviews the roles and responsibilities of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches in a fun, relaxed way! This original play contains 24 parts featuring various reading levels to ensure whole class participation, differentiation, and engagement.