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1 egg white. 1 teaspoon lemon juice. 1 teaspoon honey. Mix all together and apply evenly to face. Then use tissue or toilet paper to cover your face. With ur left over mixture, cover the paper on ur face. Let sit until it hardens then peel off. Leaves face smooth. Lemon lightens blemishes and cleans skin. Honey reduces wrinkles, tightens and moisturizes skin. Egg whites dry out oils and tightens skin. REPIN FOR LATER!!


Lemon Chess Cheesecake Pie

Lemon Chess Cheesecake Pie - two favorites in one dessert! Quick cheesecake layer on the bottom and a delicious homemade lemon chess pie on top! Pie crust, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, lemon juice, lemon rind, flour, cornmeal. Can make ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to serve. Top with fresh homemade whipped cream. SO good! A MUST for your holiday meal!!


The BEST chicken marinade ever from John Stamos!! <3Marinade: 1/4 cup white wine (not cooking wine) 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil juice of one lemon 1 Tbsp. dried oregano 3/4 tsp. salt 2-3 big garlic cloves, minced 1/2 tsp. freshly cracked black pepper (he didn't call for this but I believe it to be essential) Optional & my additions: 1/4 tsp. marjoram 1/4 tsp. parsley Zest of 1 lemon


Mayo Substitute: 1 24oz tub of plain Greek yogurt, juice of one lemon, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp pepper.


Baked Catfish

Baked Catfish: 2 tblsp. minced fresh parsley 1 tsp. salt ¾ tsp. paprika ½ tsp. dried thyme ½ tsp. dried oregano ½ tsp. dried basil ½ tsp. ground black pepper 4 whole catfish fillets Combine: Juice of one lemon, 2 tblsp. melted butter, ¼ tsp. garlic powder and pour over catfish. Non-stick cooking spray Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake 15-20 min.


Creamy Lemon Chicken Piccatta

This Creamy Lemon Chicken Piccatta is an amazing one pot meal that is on the dinner table in 30 minutes! I used about 3 tablespoons of bottled lemon juice, a little chicken bouillon and thickened the sauce with cornstarch.


Lemon Thyme Dressing Zest of one lemon 1 Tbsp fresh thyme leaves Juice of one lemon (about 2 Tbsp) 2 Tbsp white balsamic vinegar 1/2 cup olive oil 1/2 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp black pepper


Homemade Ginger Ale

Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe - So refreshing, delicious and simple to make! Love this made fresh at home! //


Dr. Oz's Green Drink Makes approx. 3-4 Servings 2 Cups Spinach 2 Cups Cucumber (I just do one large cucumber) 1 Head of Celery 1/2 inch Ginger Root 1 Bunch Parsley 2 Apples Juice of one Lime Juice of one Lemon