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June In French

******** NAVAL BATTLE OF SLUYS The English fleet, under Morley and Fitzalan, attacks and destroys the French fleet under Quieret, who is killed James Doyle in A Chronicle of England (1864) 24 June 1340

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Pictures of the year 2016

Reuters / Wednesday, June 01, 2016 A resident brings French baguettes to his mother's flooded house after heavy rain falls in Chalette-sur-Loing Montargis, near Orleans, France, June 1, 2016. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Gerda Wegener, advertisement for powder in the French magazine La Vie Parisienne, 5 June 1920

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World War I in Photos: Soldiers and Civilians

French soldiers, some wounded, some dead, after the taking of Courcelles, in the department of Oise, France, in June of 1918.

Rare picture of the Fiat Cr-42 captured by French in June 1940 , the aircraft was repainted but never tested .

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'Full Victory — Nothing Else': Iconic D-Day Images for Its 70th Anniversary

A soldier’s helmet tops the wooden cross with an inscription written in French on this grave of an American soldier made by French civilians in France on June 18, 1944.

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Triumph at Sea: The Glorious First of June

HMS Defense at the Glorious First of June. The Glorious First of June was a naval battle fought on June 1, 1794, during the Wars of the French Revolution. Seeking to attack a grain convoy, Adm. Lord Howe engaged the French fleet in a battle dubbed the Glorious First of June. In the fighting, Howe captured or destroyed seven French ships.


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