[>FACTOID: The Jungle Cat has a broad but patchy distribution extending from Egypt through Southwest, Central, and Southeast Asia, including the Indian subcontinent. Melanistic individuals have been reported from India and Pakistan. These cats prefer tall grass, thick bush, riverine swamps, and reed beds. There are few records from dense jungle. Jungle Cats are sometimes found around man-made fish ponds, reservoirs, and landscapes irrigated by sprinklers.

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Gorgeous lions!! Lions are very unique and majestic big cats only found in Africa a long with lots of other big cats!!!! I love Africa sooo much!

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Chausie - fairly new breed of domestic cat, bred from wild Jungle Cats since the 1990's.

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The jungle cat (Felis chaus) is a medium-sized cat native to Asia from southern China in the east through Southeast and Central Asia to the Nile Valley in the west.

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