New York cheesecake. The recipe given is for the cheesecake at Junior's Restaurant in downtown Brooklyn. But hundreds of bakeries, restaurants, and diners in New York's five boroughs are capable of putting out perfect, absolutely plain, insanely dense New York cheesecake.

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Junior's restaurants is famous for its classic New York cheesecakes! Don't forget to stop at Duane Reade on the way home for your NYC trip essentials, or go to

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Junior's Restaurant - Theater District - Times Square - New York, NY

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Junior's!! In Brooklyn, but also in Manhattan, right off Times Square. Oh, the cheesecake! Oh, the chopped chicken livers!

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Don't miss the cheesecake at Junior's Restaurant & Bakery if you are going to The Lion King at the Minskoff Theatre!

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Junior's Restaurant & Bakery in New York, NY

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Junior's Restaurant & Bakery in New York, NY

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Juniors Restaurant in Brooklyn: I cannot believe I waitressed here as well. Can't remember exact years. Mid '70 ish. Undoubtedly best cheesecake!

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Enjoy a meat-with-meat-with-meat sandwich or a great burger with onion rings and a LARGE strawberry shake. Don´t forget the cherry cheesecake for desert. Sit at the bar, not at a table, and come by yourself and you will be served free drinks all the time and have av nice chat with the bartender. Leave large tips.

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