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1810 - JUPITER Mythology - Electrine Stuntz - Folio Original Antique Incunabula of Lithography

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Cabins at Camp Half- Blood

Hey guys anybody wanna rp? (And actually stay? Please I have a story for my rp character and she's going to be claimed)


Zeus/Jupiter was the Greco-Roman god of the sky. He gave his name to the planet Jupiter, with some of his many lovers giving their names to the planet's moons. Jupiter's parallel in Hindu mythology is Indra, Lord of Heaven. The depiction of Zeus as a bearded man in the clouds wielding thunderbolts is the stock image for most Americans of God, although the Christian God is usually given a tidy robe instead of Jupiter's athletic nudity.


Father Zeus. The lord of the sky, the god of rain, the bearer of thunder, the supreme ruler.- love this ...