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Many people view trial duty as nothing more than a hassle and waste of time. Why is jury duty so important? Here is why.

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Order in the Court: Get Your Students Talking Passionately and Logically With a Mock Trial

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Students discover a unique way to determine the fine line between “doing wrong” and “crime.” They “study” character education by “doing” - using fairy tales and simulating investigation and trials. The activities challenge students as they use all language arts skills: critical reading, analytical thinking and writing, speaking and drama. Use with the entire class, choosing an appropriate case by its complexity and appropriate level of challenge. The class creates all elements of a case…

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WWII Nazi Nuremberg Trial Simulation Lesson Plan

This fantastic higher level thinking lesson plan has students taking the role of a jury member in the Nuremberg Trials of accused Nazi war criminals after World War II. Includes 6 readings on Nazis tried at Nuremberg with a photo and an argument from the prosecution of the accused's crimes and defense. After reading, students charge him with one of the 4 crimes that were the actual charges at Nuremberg and then decide on an appropriate sentence.

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Mock Trial: Class Preparation

This Power-Point lesson will provide students with an introductory framework from which to understand the judiciary process. Students will delve in...

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11/3/1892 - Armed with a cannon, dynamite and over 25 men, Cherokee Senator Ned Christie is assassinated by U.S. Marshals after an almost five-year standoff. Revered by many as a Cherokee patriot, he was accused by the federal gov of the 1887 murder of U.S. Deputy Marshal Dan Maples. A Cherokee traditionalist, Ned Christie always proclaimed his innocence, he refused to turn himself in to the US Gov to stand trial before a judge and jury of white men for a murder he did not commit.

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To kill a mockingbird: tom robinson's trial role play

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These 7 Evil People In Mississippi Left A Dark Stain On History

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Are you looking for something new and inventive to do with your group? Here are complete instructions for leading a unit on mock trials using fairy tales! Students get to play prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses, the accused, and jury members. This

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