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Is your life in a state of flux? I'm usually working towards a certain goal or deciding the next move I should make. I've found that it's good to stop to appreciate the process and embrace the uncertainty. It's pretty fun once you really think about the place you in are right now how far you've come and appreciate your current circumstances for what they are. After all the point of it all is to be happy right now not just in the future. So take in the uncertain moments and appreciate where…


You only THINK you cant live without it . Once you let that shit go you slowly realize just how much better off you are without it . I loved my Job , and those I worked with but The amount of Stress , worry , frustration and anxiety is not worth my happiness . I made a chose to leave , I knew I wanted better , feel free , not burdened by everyone elses faults , issues or worries . It feels so good to just be free of all that and living happy .


Really, I just want to be happy, make a difference. Love, be loved learn, create, laugh, stay fresh and look good naked. Working on all of them!e200216

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Free Printable: Just Be Happy

Don't worry, be happy! Worrying won't make your problems go away, and being sad won't fix anything either. Choose happy.

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Don’t Stress over What You Can’t Control (Live Life Happy)


This was such a great one for me to see this morning. Even this morning when I was in line for a ride and dancing and laughing and smiling and talking to my family I noticed someone behind us eyeing me as if she were annoyed by my excitement. At first I felt really judged and disheartened by her little disapproving look at my enthusiasm. But then I realized how ridiculous it was for me to stop being happy just because this random stranger wasn't having a good time!You're never gonna please…