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Hey there! Nat here, from My Sister’s Suitcase. I’m super excited to share a fun and easy project that’s perfect for Back to School! I am in love with the watercolor trend right now – are you? These watercolor notebooks are beautiful and cost less than $1 to make (so you won’t have to cut …


Be yourself. It took me almost a whole lifetime to be me. In the past, I might have tried to do what the bully wanted just to shut the bully up. That's not working. It never did work and it won't work in the future either. Just being me! If the bully doesn't like the way that I talk , the way that I write, the clothes that I wear, the art that I create, that's just too bad! "To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by the bully! God accepts you as you ...


"Whichever dream has been placed on your heart has been placed there for a reason. You don't need someone to approve of it, validate it, or make it more important for you than it already is. If you're waiting on the world to give you the green light to move forward, you're going to wait forever. Trust that your dreams aren't just idle fantasies, but a blueprint of your destiny." -Jordan Bach #yourjourneyawaits #jordanbach #thebachbook #spiritjunkie #inspiration #dreambig

from Gratefullty

Just be you! There is nothing to prove.

You are awesome just like you are. Just be you! There is nothing to prove…


“With every new level you reach, you will need to grow, change and adapt. Regardless of where you are in life, there will always be new challenges and new…”

from Honestly WTF


Indonesian artist Dexa Muamar's hand lettered phrases are feeding my typography obsession. Each of his drawings are minuscule, measuring at just about an inch wide. It's fascinating to think these were all beautifully executed with just the fine tip of a wooden pencil!