I feel this way... Something keeps me holding on even though you've already clarified that it's just not gonna happen...

RT @ManilaHugot: Hold me like I'm more than just a friend.

RT @_ayoredd: never had a nigga to hold me 10 toes down so if I question ya loyalty don't take it to the heart I just wanna keep my heart in one piece.

Memories. Understand that I'm just trying to hold onto the one thing in life that isn't changing right now. We don't have forever. We have now. I just want to try and make it good. I get this daunting feeling everyday that I am just preparing for the day you will leave me. And it's killing me. Happy heathy and hopeful. That's everything I can wish for you babe.

Listen guy I need a break and a life if you want to stay on this page stop telling me what to do

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This is what keeps me alive... knowing what my future might hold. You got this, guys! You can all get there! Stay strong, love you!

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