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systems of 2, 3 5s, etc experienced as Herzs but based in math Just intonation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


▶ Microtonal Guitar (Part 2) - Tolgahan Çoğulu - Pythagorean / Just Intonation / Meantone - YouTube


Arvo Pärt's cult piece: 1st record ever in "just intonation" by Challenge Records Int. — Kickstarter


Canon in D (Pachelbel) - just intonation (パッヘルベルのカノン 純正律)

This is an article by Ross W. Duffin about Just intonation in Renaissance music. I would use the section of this essay entitled "New Approach" when working with an ensemble performing Renaissance music. I would use the Problematic Solutions strategy in this situation by giving the students the situation of having to make difficult decisions about intonation in a period ensemble. They would think about that scenario as they read the essay and use it to inform their own performance.


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Ancient Greek Music in Just Intonation - See the video :

Field of just intonation. The presence of the Syntonic Comma interval (11 schismas in size), and the Ditonic or Pythagorean Comma (12 schismas in size), leads to a natural resolution of the field of Just Intonation into a scale of Commas, if we temper into the closed cycle of 53-ET. This great system of temperament can rightly be named Quasi-Just Intonation since it preserves so many of the essential properties of pure Just Intonation within a reasonably manageable complexity.


Pachelbel's Canon in 3 tunings: Just intonation, Meantone and 12-equal