JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE This ..Justifiable Homicide is focused around the senseless murders in our community ...dealing with black on black crime and police shootings targeted to destroy the black man (Exodus 1:22) on the left side of this black man's chest are the words that we as black men are striving to become and who we are by nature ..on the right side of his chest are the words that he has become by circumstances..let the words on the left side of his chest be our focus and goal !!!

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Lana Turner fetches her thirteen-year-old daughter Cheryl Crane from a downtown police station after the girl was found wandering on Skid Row. A year later Cheryl interceded in a heated row between her mother and Johnny Stompanato, stabbing the mobster in the stomach with a kitchen knife. A coroner's jury ruled the death a justifiable homicide. April, 1957. (Los Angeles Times)

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Just imagine the world if women could claim an unwanted sexual advance is grounds for justifiable homicide acquittal. It would probably look a lot different. Fuck all of this.

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Ok, so are they ever given the defense of 'self defense' as this includes defense of another? Which makes it 'justifiable homicide'

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